Based from the article, please do the steps below :

Based From this article

” The Telephone ” By Accawi  

Link for the article

Please do the steps below :

Step 1 : List exact repetitions and the number of each (words, details). For example, if forms of the word seems repeat three times, write “seems x 3”. With images, the repeated appearance of high foreheads would constitute an exact repetition. Concentrate on substantive (meaning – carrying) words. Only in rare cases will words like “and” or “the” merit attention as a significant repetition. At the most literal level, whatever repeats is what the thing is about.

Step 2 : List repetitions of the same or similar kinds of detail or word-which we call strands (for example, polite, courteous, decorous). Be able to explain the strand’s connecting logic with a label : manners.

Step 3 : List details or words that form or suggest binary oppositions-pairs of words or details that are opposites-and select from these the most important ones, which function as organizing contrasts (for example, open/closed, ugly/beautiful, global/local.) Binaries help you locate what is at stake in the subject-the tensions and issues it is trying to resolve.

Step 4 : Choose ONE repetition or strand or binary as most important or interesting and explain in one healthy paragraph why you think it’s important.

Step 5: Locate anomalies: exceptions to the pattern, things that seem not to fit. Anomalies become evident only after you have discerned a pattern, so it is best to locate repetitions, strands, and organizing contrasts-things that fit together in some way-before looking for things that seem not to fit. Once you see an anomaly, you will often find that it is part of a strand you had no detected( and perhaps one side of a previously unseen binary).

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