Barbara Kruger work not only addressed feminism, homework help


I need a four page essay that argues on: Barbara Kruger and how she is not only a feminist artist, however takes a stance and addresses consumerism in 1980’s and how her work changed common perception within consumers as well.

For this paper, I need a reason why feminism can be separated from consumerism. Kruger provides the criticism of feminism in media as well as the criticism of the worldview itself. Talk about three pieces of work that make this point: “I Shop Therefore I am”, “Buy Me I’ll Change Your Life” and “Money Can Buy You Love”

Must have scholarly articles and written in Chicago style, with bibliography.

This is not my writing but may help:

She does not like labeling of her work in any way except for feminism and she even characterizes her work as ?a series of attempts to ruin certain representations, to displace the subject and to welcome a female spectator into the audience of men? (Kruger qtd in Kamimura 40). Most of the feminist critics even claim, that the use of personal pronouns in her work is ?the device that encourages female spectatorship? (Kamimura 41).

“What the media have done today is make a thing meaningless through its accessibility. And what I’m interested in is taking that accessibility and making meaning. I’m interested in dealing with complexity.” (Kruger 448)

Kruger not only uses these pictures because they are readable but through their use and the shift of their meaning she deliberately and consciously criticizes the influence and conception of the media from which the pictures were taken and that this borrowing is not a lack of invention or skill but it is a social critical statement of its own.

Thank you!

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