Autobiography of dis/ability

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate your thoughtful analysis of your own experiences in relation to the theories that you are introduced to in this course. In an autobiographical style, draw on your past experiences and course materials to address questions including:

  • How do you understand disability? How do you understand ability?
  • How do you think about your own body in relation to the ways that disability is constructed in our society (i.e., different models of disability)?
  • Do you see yourself as abled-bodied, as temporarily able-bodied, or as a person with a disability?
  • How have your experiences in relation to dis/ability intersected with your other identities?
  • How has your understanding of your experiences been challenged, deepened and otherwise further developed as a result of course content and readings?
  • Resource: View Lecture – Autobiography of Dis/ability. (Links to an external site.) Note that this lecture focuses on providing guidance on a class assignment. Review the assignment guidelines (Links to an external site.) as you view the lecture and begin to brainstorm ideas.

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