Attribution locus of control

Attribution, and locus of control

To prepare for the two questions below:

  • focusing on attribution, and locus of control.
  • Reflect on insights you have gained about yourself and how to apply that knowledge toward understanding others.
  • Review the Workplace Attribution. Think about differences in the two employees and consider how knowledge of attributional styles and locus of control may be applied in a workplace environment.
  • Consider the relationship between culture and attributional style. Select a culture that you do not know well and research for the culture?s attributional style and expectations of workers.

Post or write a response in which you do the following to these two questions:

Explain the attribution each employee makes regarding job performance and what you can infer about the employee?s locus of control.

Describe how this scenario would look in a different cultural setting. Use the particular culture that you researched as your example, and explain how the attributions involved might be similar or different.

Conformity and Social Influence

To prepare for the 5 questions below in your assignment:

Review the sections in Chapter 10 of your course text, ?Shiraev, E. B., & Levy, D. A. (2017). Cross-cultural psychology: Critical thinking and contemporary applications (6th ed.) beginning with ?Universal Interaction? (p. 301), and pay particular attention to the content on conformity, obedience, leadership, and social power.

Your Week 5 Learning Resources provide information on three different cults and their leaders in recent U.S. history: You are encouraged to choose one as the focus of your Assignment. I chose “Jim Jones and the People?s Temple.”

For your focus leader and group, think about how each may exemplify the concepts of conformity, obedience, and social power:

How the leader builds a ?culture? with its own rules outside of the larger culture

What elements compel followers to conform, such as charisma, isolation, and/or fear

For your Assignment Submit a 2 – to 3-page research paper in which you do the following:

  • Describe the leader and followers who are the subject of your analysis.
  • Analyze how the leader created a distinct ?culture? for followers and what elements of a culture were present in the setting.
  • Analyze how the leader used social power to influence followers.
  • Analyze elements that created conformity and obedience among the followers.
  • Explain how your chosen leader?s use of social influence applies to the leaders in your culture of African American (e.g., local, academic, political, or other types of leaders you identify).

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