Attacks using social engineering.

Attacks using social engineering.

Social engineering tactics are often used by attackers to get someone to divulge personal information or to perform some action. To protect someone from this losses, customers are required by the company or bank to provide detailed information about scams to the bank in time.

The banking act provides avenues where customer?s information is protected by issuing fewer trial times. This has allowed the customers to protect themselves from major losses.

Regular logging off email accounts- this way fewer customers will access the email address.

Investment in more efficient and reliable technology. Banks have been required to acquire mainframe frame computers in each of their constituent banks rather than conveying information to the mainframe computers.

Social engineering has been re-diverse by the clever to diverge important information, especially in the enterprise and banking industry. Important information is acquired through different means namely;

Phishing-spear phishing has been a major problem in the social attacks. Majority of the fraudulent have been to acquire information such as passwords and credit cards number. This is done through sending of emails extorting cash and cash equivalents through the creation of fake companies.

Dropbox scam link- anonymous information is sent to customers requiring them to provide passwords and identification numbers. Notification of customers, the target company should spontaneously convey a message to the customers of intended cybercrime.

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