Assignment Begin this assignment by reading the prompts for both parts of the assignment carefully..


Begin this assignment by reading the prompts for both parts of the assignment carefully. This part of the project involves developing a reference list and annotations of 10 academic books, articles, and websites that contribute to your overall research project. You will use this annotated bibliography as your working reference list to draw from as you begin to construct your larger documented argument research paper.

Working References List Requirements: Ten Academic Sources All materials 2006 and newer (Ask Instructor about exceptions) You are allowed 2 (TWO) website sources if (if and only if) you can identify: Date of Publication or Last updated Authorship Affiliation The library databases do not count as websites, but make sure that the sources you are selecting are academic and peer reviewed.

At least two of the ten sources need to report Empirical Studies conducted by the author(s) of the article. he hallmark of an empirical study is the collection of original data by the author(s) of the article. If you are unsure of an article, you should ask a librarian or your instructor. You cannot use: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, interviews, popular magazines, or newspapers for this reference list.

Annotation Requirements

The purpose of the annotation is to identify the key information and characteristics of an article/book/website and provide enough of a description to show the potential for contributing to your overall project. In The Bedford Researched,  Palmquist (2010)describes the purpose and structure of the annotated bibliography in detail (p. 116-118 attached below). Please read this section as you begin this part of the project. In addition to the general description, you need to follow these requirements for the annotations: Each annotation must be between 80-100 words long. Each annotation must identify the type of article/book/website in the first sentence (empirical study, literature review, government data source, analysis work…). When you identify your empirical studies, also include a brief description of how the original data was collected by the researcher(s) (survey, experiment, observation, or some other form). Each annotation should identify the significant findings and arguments of the article/book/website and how you intend to use the source in your paper.


Jones, P. A. (2011). Written corrective feedback preferences of graduate ESL students. Journal of Second Language Writing 43(2), 35-48.

This empirical study reports the findings of a study conducted at fourteen Midwest universities among the international student populations in five different disciplines. The researcher used a survey to collect preferences and interviews to provide richer data. The researchers found that ESL graduate students preferred to receive content feedback over grammar feedback, and sought grammar and error correction from other sources outside of the classroom. These findings contradict the assumed preference for more error correction in the classroom expressed by undergraduate ESL students in previous studies. This article is part of the description of ESL student preferences for corrective feedback and provides a different view from the assumed preference for written corrective feedback.


You are writing for a general academic audience. These are not private journal entries and will be heavily edited in class.

Manuscript Format:

Following your APA manual, this assignment should include all of the elements outlined above.

Font: You must use Times New Roman 12 point font. Double-space.

Margins: 1” (one inch) all around. Please double-check your settings in Word.

General information: Double-check the APA Manual to assure you correctly format the running header, title page, and references list.

Please note that there are three parts to the Annotated Bibliography project. You will submit the following in the next three weeks: Part 1 (Week 3): First five references with annotations due Part 2 (Week 4): Second five references with annotations due Part 3 (Week 5): Revised 10 references with annotations due.

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