Assignment 1 and Assignment 2

Please read the instruction below. This doesn’t need any kind of format. I will write the discussion questions for every assign reading below.

You have been assigned a reading selection indicated below. Choose any one of the DISCUSSION questions at the end of your assigned reading selection and answer it thoroughly in a paragraph (7-10 sentences minimum) using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support. You must identify the reading selection title and the question you are answering.

Assignment 1: Acting Out Culture: Chapter 3–

The Ethics of Eating Meat (By Paul Schwennesen)

Discussion Question; Schwennesen refers to the practice of eating meat as ” biological imperative” (page 178). Do you agree? What attitude toward meat eating doeas this phrase suggest?

Add Cake, Subtract Self-Esteem ( Caroline Knapp)

Discussion question: Knapp begins her personal account of anorexia by referring to the ” lure of staring” (page 188). How do you react to this provocative phrase? In your view, is it possible for something as harrowing and harmful as self-starvation to feel so compelling or desirable? If so, how?

The Wages of Sin ( By Francine Prose)

Discussion question: Elsewhere in this essay Prose writes, ” The so-called glutton is walking rebuke to our self control, our self denial, and to our shaky faith that we watch ourselves, then surely death cannot touch us.” What exactly does she mean by this? Do you think she is right? In what ways do we use the images and examples of those body types that regarded in our culture as deficient or abnormal as role models for what not to be ourselves?

On Eating Roadkill (Brendan Buhler)

Discussion question: What are some of the associations you bring to the term roadkill? And are any of these associations compatible with idea of eating roadkill? Why or why not?

Assignment 2: Write a detailed paragraph including one cited quote (author’s last name and page number only) for support from the text to write a paragraph in response to the question #2 on page 173 of Everything’s an Argument. Paragraph should be (7-10 sentences).

Everything’s an argument – Question #2 : Write an argument about one factual matter you are confident – based on personal experience or your state of knowledge that most people get wrong, time and again. Use your expertise to correct this false impression.

Cited qoute: ” There’s another side to the story” (Lunsford & Ruszkiewicz, 158)

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