Articulate the History and Progression of Governance in Higher Education

For assignment 7, you will be reviewing the responsibilities and evolution of governing boards in higher education. Be sure to watch all the recommended videos relating to governing boards and read the resources listed in the introduction to week seven. You will create a timeline showing the development and evolution of the responsibilities and functions of governing boards. One of the websites provides you with a template to use in creating your timeline.Otherwise, use your creative skills to present the beginnings and evolution of boards. Be sure to include an introduction to your timeline and why it is important to understand the evolution of governing boards at the beginning of your paper. You need to include a brief review of the literature on the evolution of governing boards for higher education. Also, provide a conclusion that indicates what you learned from this exercise and how you might apply it as a leader in higher education governance.

Length: 2-3 pages, not including the title and reference pages

References: A minimum of three scholarly resources required, apa format…

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