Article Review 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and MLA formatted Works Cited page, generating a thesis…

Article Review 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and MLA formatted Works Cited page, generating a thesis (attached below) , making claims from evidence, establishing a relationship between the claims, ideas, approaches and/or assumptions in two readings(attached below).

you can ignore the first two photos, the last three are for you to read and they will help with the essay question. i have a additional photos to send to you for the reading, i will upload right now

these are the essays that i am using for this essay to compare . they might be out of order , so sorry just pay attention to certain titles, princess paradox and Cinderella and Princess Cultur

Answer preview………….. Article Review

Whenever different authors venture into a similar topic, it is always possible to gather some similarities in their writings, and develop a broader perspective of the content therein. However, making such an achievement would require that one not only reads the content in each of the author’s material, but view it from the authors’ perspectives. Ultimately, one ends up in a situation that demands comparison between the two articles, from which it would then be possible to derive the primary message passed by the different authors. Fairy tales have been some of the longest lasting forms of literature available in the contemporary society and known to a wide range of population. In particular, the Cinderella story has been instrumental in shaping cultures, and defining women’s position in the society, based on the images of women presented within the film……….

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