Architecture and Water

*Must Read All The Instructions Carefully Before You Start.

TOPIC: Architecture and Water: How did water and its management, spiritual meaning, and aesthetic value shape the architecture of early civilizations?

You will research this topic in the context of one of the following civlizations:

Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Early Egypt, Early Chinese, Early Americas, Greece, Roman Empire, Early Medieval Europe.

You will start with Topic Selection that should be due today, and then the outline, after that you will finish the whole paper.

Paper word count: must be between 1000 to 1200 words, excluding footnotes, image captions, and an annotated bibliography. Your own hand-drawn analytical illustrations should be included to support your hypothesis. You MUST include footnotes and an annotated bibliography of at least 5 scholarly books/articles that support your research (no websites). Chicago Manual Style of citation is expected.

*Required: Everything has to be your own words, no plagiarism.

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