Answer questions about Harvard Case, The Chicago Blackhawks, marketing homework help

I have an assignment which is:

  • Buy and read the Harvard Case, ?The Chicago Blackhawks: Greatest Sports Turnaround Ever?? ( in the attachment )
  • Find information on your own you can apply into the analysis

    ( the link is an example from the professor )

  • Answer these questions comprehensively and thoroughly. Be prepared to discuss them in class.
    • Discuss at least 2 reasons the Blackhawks were once so popular historically. Make sure that you tell me how popular the team was before the 1970s.
    • Discuss at least 2 facts that evidence how much trouble the team?s brand was in when Bill Wirtz died.
    • Discuss at least 2 management or marketing mistakes the team made that harmed relationships with fans.
    • Discuss at least 2 management and marketing steps that Rocky Wirtz made when he took over the team to rebuild the brand.
    • Discuss the most 2 important lessons that you can learn from this case that you can apply to real-world management and marketing. Focus on what the Blackhawks teach us about how a brand gets in trouble, the traits of leaders who turn a brand around, and the decisions the Blackhawks made to save their brand.
  • Formatting Instructions
    • Title it, Case 1-Blackhawks.
    • As far as the length of the case is concerned, I have put some minimum guidelines in the syllabus. But I really want you to focus on writing a comprehensive and thorough analysis that will likely be much longer than the minimum. I will grade your work on how completely you discussed the questions I ask. I will grade your work on the extent to which you analyzed the case thoroughly.

    The minimum is 3 pages

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