answer 1, 2 qustions

Minimum of 5 References ; Double-spaced ; Font 12 (APA not required, but citations yes). 200 words

Read Chapter 1 of the eBook for MKT 250.

Based on the reading and in-class discussions, answer the following questions

1. Research a company of your choice that is at least 75 years old.

a. How was the company founded? Who were the founders?

b.What goods and/or services did the company initially

provide? Why? Who was the target market?

c. How has the company evolved throughout its lifetime?

What new goods and/or services has it introduced to the


d. How would you describe the company?s overall

marketing strategy? Who are its competitors? How does

the company compare to the competition?

Question 2

kenneth young essay , will be 3-5 pages in APA formats.

I already did the introduction so i want you to fixed and keep writing the eassy , see the details in the attached file please

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