Annotated Bibliography about Dyslexia

Topic: Dyslexia

The final project for this course is the creation of a case application paper that includes an in-depth analysis of a selected case study. Students will choose an individual such as a known historical figure, a celebrity, a fictional character, or an individual known personally to the student (ALL identifying information must be eliminated from the paper in the case of the last option). The selected individual must be a child or adolescent with a cognitive disorder or a learning disability, and enough information must be available to include the following in the analysis:

? A description of the chosen disorder and a comparison between normal brain function and the brain function of a person with the disorder ? An evaluation of the relationship between psychological and physiological aspects of the disorder and the resulting negative effects on daily functioning ? An assessment of the impact of recent technological advancements on the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder ? Recommendations for appropriate treatment options and coping mechanisms for the selected case and other people with the disorder ? Preventative measures that may be employed for others who may be at risk for the disorder

Speaking of your final project, this week you will be turning in your annotated bibliography. At this stage of your education I am sure you are all very familiar with annotated bibliographies. I encourage you to go over the rubric for it very carefully, as I will be adhering to it very, very closely! Also pay attention to the guidance offered in the description of the assignment. It is imperative that you make note in your annotation the authority or background of the author(s), who the intended audience is for the article and finally (if not most importantly), how this article compares and contrasts with other articles you?re using or how this article moves you forward in terms of your topic. These points can be accomplished in a very simplistic fashion. For example you could say something along the lines of:

?Dr. Phil and Dr. Brothers are experts in their field and teach at SNHU. Their research encompasses issues that are vital for both clinicians and graduate students in the field of pediatric neuropsychology. This article deals with a different population than does the one by Dr. Bob as listed below. Furthermore, it will inform my paper regarding treatment recommendations?.

Of course, you will also have to include the annotation to the article. Don?t forget that at least some of the references should be about treatment for the disorder. It is also important to note that the eight required resources should be primary source material from peer-reviewed journals. At the graduate school level secondary sources are only to be used to help you understand information from the primary source material. You should not be relying on secondary sources for your papers. By secondary sources I am referring to websites, magazine, and newspaper articles for the general public. These secondary sources may be used if the case you are doing is that of a celebrity and therefore the only information you can obtain about this individual is from such resources. Lastly, and certainly just as importantly, is the age of the articles. Cognitive neuropsychology is a rapidly changing field. Any reference that is more than 10 years old is likely to have been found to be not completely accurate and/or is outdated because we have new information. Very few articles fall in the ?classic? range in which the information conveyed was groundbreaking and written in a fashion that was highly usable. Articles such as these should be used extremely sparingly.

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