Analysis Paper 4 pages double space

An Individual Analysis Paper Grade:At some point after your group has delivered its presentation to the class, I will ask each group member to turn in a4-5 page, typed paperthat analyzes the effectiveness of the processes and dynamics that evolved as his/her group was preparing its presentation.Among areas that might be addressed in these papers are such factors as cohesion, norms, maintenance/task/nonfunctional behaviors and roles, member linkages/cliques, conflict, power and leadership, the problem solving techniques employed, etc.In completing your papers you will have to “describe” how your group looked in selected of the areas above, “evaluate” the strengths and/or weaknesses of your group and why you think they existed in your chosen areas, and make “recommendations” to correct any weakness and/or to enhance any strengths that you saw.You should be as concrete as you can in your discussion and use selected group examples where appropriate.If you are uncomfortable using the real names of group members in your papers, then give them letters, numbers, or fake names.These analysis papers are worth35 points.To evaluate each paper I will ask the following questions about it: (1) Has the paper gone beyond description to also include analysis of strengths/weaknesses and recommendations? (2) Has the paper tied class/text concepts into its discussion and recommendations? (3) Is the paper thorough, concrete and well developed in the areas the author chose to address? (4) Is the paper well organized and also well integrated/synthesized? (5) Is the paper perceptive and insightful?


As you can see I upload our presentation with our group parts, and my part is Employee Do’s (Khalid)

if you have anyquestions let me know

thank you

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