Analysis of Proctor and Gambles current market position

After read the case that I attach

The case write-up should be in the form of a traditional case analysis. When writing up the case, you should make sure that you address the following questions:

1. What is the decision problem?

2. What is Scope?s current positioning strategy? What are its POP and POD relative to the competition?

3. To what extent has Plax shaken up Scope?s positioning strategy?

4. What are the decision alternatives facing Gwen Hearst?

5. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative.

6. What would you recommend Gwen do? Provide a justification for your recommendation.

Some additional recommendations: You may want to develop a couple of perceptual maps based on information in the case to identify consumer perceptions of Scope versus the other brands. Use contribution analysis and make sure you examine the effect of possible cannibalization.


Analysis should cover & refer & indicate all questions

this is case analysis not question and answer

Important: I do not expect to see a description of the case itself. When writing the paper, assume that the reader has already read the case study. Your paper should be analytical in that you are evaluating the pros and cons of the various alternatives presented in the case before making an informed decision on which path to take.

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the case analysis should be at least 5 pages

Your papers should be typewritten, 12 font, 1 inch margins, single-spaced. Supporting financial analyses, charts and tables may be placed in an appendix.

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