Analyses of case studies affords you an opportunity to bridge the roles of scholar and practitioner.

Analyses of case studies affords you an opportunity to bridge the roles of scholar and practitioner. Make sure to anchor your responses in relevant references and resources. Include information from the course videos, readings, and/or from reputable outside sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, professional organizations). Good answers show that you have the ability to connect theory to practice.

As Early Childhood Educators, we are constantly faced with assessing and then instructional planning from the data collected.

Consider the following scenario continuing on from the case study in lesson one about Hudson. A few months later:

Back in September, kindergarten teacher Mrs. Garrard met with the mother of Hudson explaining that he should be encouraged to speak up more at home, and the siblings should allow Hudson to speak for himself. This and other interventions (scaffolding him to share with a partner, then to speak in small groups, and ultimately share in front of the whole group) have really helped Hudson with speaking in front of the class. By late November, Hudson is speaking more comfortably in front of the students. Next, Mrs. Garrard would like to assess the class on Arizona State Standard K.SL.3 – Ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood. Now, Hudson will be challenged to proactively seek help and ask clarifying questions, not just share in front of the group. Mrs. Garrard wants to collect data to share at parent/teacher conferences in early February. This will take some thoughtful planning and require intentional teaching on the part of Mrs. Garrard.

In a one- to two-page paper with proper APA format and citations, respond to the following prompts:

How will Mrs. Garrard use curriculum based measurements that are developmentally appropriate in order to assess K.SL.3? What will be her course of action? How often will she assess? How will she collect the data? How will she document that data? How will she communicate the results of these assessments with Hudson’s family at parent/teacher conferences?

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