American elections in the 21st century, assignment help

For the essay section of the exam you must write an essay based on the passage below that addresses all of the
following points.

American elections in the 21st century promise to be high profile, high hype, and generally difficult to
stomach. Much of this is due to the increasing importance of news coverage of the political campaigns in the
mass media. News coverage is now available 24 hours on broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, and the Internet.
One question that we need to ask is how much does this media coverage affect the voters choices? Current
research in the literature seems to indicate that the effect of media coverage varies from voter to voter
depending on many things. One is the degree to which the individual watches the TV news and another is
how strongly the voter holds his or her party identification.

People with strong party identification tend to follow news about elections more closely than those with
weak or independent party identification. Yet, many years of research have shown that vote choice is
generally based on stable preferences that comes from such deeply held attitudes and ideologies such as
party identification. Thus, the stronger a person’s party identification, the less effect that news media has on
the person’s vote choice.

The above is a quote from a recent monograph on politics and the media. The research question addressed in this
passage is contained in the fourth line, “how much does . . . media coverage affect the voters choices?”

You do not need to do any data analysis to complete this question.

Write an essay that addresses each of the following points using the passage above.

  1. Write a clear thesis statement that addresses the ideas expressed in the passage. Although not required, you
    may want to create an arrow diagram.

  2. Identify variables from the attached Codebook for a Subset of Variables from the 2012 American National

Election Study that you would use to test your thesis.

  • !  dependent

  • !  independent

    ” Confounding
    ” Intervening
    ” Antecedent

Classify the variables using the following categories as

C. Write the research hypotheses that are derived from your thesis statement.
D. Describe the types of statistics you would use to test each hypothesis. 

D. Describe the types of statistics you would use to test each hypothesis. 

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