Airport Management – Two part question

Part 1.

Discussion question: 300-400 words

1. The area of public relations is one of the most challenging aspects of an airport manager?s job. Is this a true statement? Why or why not? Research primary sources and juried literature, and then argue for or against this statement. Support the rationale for your position with relevant citations. Read your colleagues’ posts and then discuss (refute or support) one using (citing) evidence from your primary sources

Part 2.

The assignment deliverable may be from one to two pages long, double spaced. Remember that all of your written work must comply with APA requirements:

Before we delve deeper into the broad subject of airport management, interpret this adage based on what you have read to date, your current aviation knowledge, prior aviation experience, and additional research. Use the contrast and compare writing strategy to describe the differences and similarities between airports

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