African-American and the issue of freedom between 1860-1930, assignment help


I have done two papers in history class about the African-American and the issue of freedom between 1860-1930. The last paper is to combine these papers that I did into one large final paper. You will need to either compare it or contrast. You can use or copy and paste some information from the papers. Most importantly, you should connect the two paper two the issue of freedom and compare it some how. Please note, once I confirm the tutor, I will provide you of all the documents and the primary sources and the papers that I did.


These are the the description of the all three parts: (Note, I did the first two parts and the only part still left is the third one)

Part #1: Analyze 1 Primary Source document

Part #2: Analyze 1 Primary Source Document:

Part # 3 Final Paper: Compare/Contrast/Analyze the 2 Primary Source Documents into a Full Paper

Finally, the papers have been analyzed and only need to combine it into one paper and connect it to the issue of freedom.

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