Advanced Layouts Using CSS

1 .zip folder containing .html, .css and any related files

The final step in your project development is to add a search feature to your front page and to make any revisions to your final Web site. Add any sections and stories that you feel can add to the sites usability. Insert any images, animations, sounds, and videos that you think might add to the site presentation. In addition, go through your design and optimize the graphics used throughout your Web site. Archive your root directory into a .zip folder and submit it.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Using the course materials, textbook, and Web resources, insert a functional, single-form search feature into your Web site.
    • Using the JavaScript Kit resource linked in the External Link Resources, follow the directions for inserting a Google-driven search function for your Web site.
  • Add any multimedia elements to your Web site as you see fit.
  • Make any revisions to your Web site based on instructor and/or peer input.
  • Save your files and place a copy of your site’s root folder into a .zip folder.
  • A .zip folder that contains your .html, .css, .js, .swf, images, and any other files that you have used to create your Web site.

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