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Consider your understanding of hospitals, physicians, other providers, financial plans, and the influence of the federal government on all of them. The purpose of this assignment is to create a valid synopsis of health care systems at the regional level. Write a 3 page report to the APHI Board in which you recommend or advise against a major or full scale effort to develop health care further in your chosen region, and give reasons.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Incorporate the following questions into your paper.

  1. Do you recommend that the APHI expand into this region?
  2. In detail, justify why or why not?and, if applicable, what factors need to change in order for APHI to consider expanding into this region. Your justification needs to incorporate:
    • Information about the history of the hospital care or health care in the region, and how this history has influenced your decision to recommend or not recommend expansion into this region.
    • A discussion of whether it is feasible for APHI to expand into this region from a fiscal point of view.
    • Information about how the federal government has been involved with health care in this region, and how this influenced your decision to recommend or not recommend expansion into this region.


Create a 3 page essay using APA Format. Use a minimum of 3 sources as references. You may use more if needed. 1 source will be assigned to you. Be sure to include in-text citations.

The region you are using to discuss in your synopsis is Charleston, West Virginia. The assigned source to include in your references is: Post, C. J. (1992). Omaha Orange : A Popular History of EMS in America. Boston: Jones & Bartlett Learning. pp. (5-14).

Incorporate the readings from the Board of Directors in your paper. A file to the Board of Directors’ transcript will be linked in the drop box.

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