A minimum of 100 words in response to the questions and a 100-word minimum critical response to 1 classmate’s post

To further your thinking about the assigned readings regarding the criminal trial and sentencing (Chapter 9), a discussion question is provided below. First, compose a minimum of 100 words in response to the questions. Second, save the work to your hard drive, and then, post your response here in Canvas. Next, read the responses provided by your classmates and compose a 100-word minimum critical response to 1 classmate’s post. (I will provide you one of the classmates’ post to respond to after you deliver my answer because the classmates’ responses will be visable rightafter I post my answer)

Carla is a 36-year-old white female convicted of killing her husband of 12 years, John, a wealthy and prominent attorney. The police report shows that to inherit his substantial trust fund, Carla gave her husband a large dose of a sleeping sedative, and, when he felt uncomfortable and dizzy, offered to take him to the emergency room at the local hospital. After he passed out in the car, she slid the comatose man into the driver?s seat and then rolled the vehicle down an embankment. After watching the car burst into flames, she walked to her own car, which she had hidden earlier, and drove home. When police came to report the accident, she told the officers that John had gone to get some groceries and she was wondering why he had taken so long. At first she expressed shock over his death and burst into tears. Later, forensic evidence and an eyewitness to the event helped investigators unravel her plot.

This is Carla?s first conviction. She is a highly educated woman with a degree in French Literature from an Ivy League university. She comes from a loving and devoted family. Her parents and sisters, though in shock, are willing to stand beside her. She has two young children who are currently living with relatives; they seem devoted to their mother. She has done charitable work and is well-liked. She has no prior history of violence, mental instability, or the like. Psychiatric reports show that she is unlikely to commit further crimes.

At the sentencing hearing, Carla is filled with remorse and states that her greed overcame her reasoning. She is currently on suicide watch at the county jail because she has told her counselor that she ?does not deserve to live;? her anguish seems genuine.

As a member of the jury during the capital sentencing stage, you hold Carla?s fate in your hands. You can recommend death, life in prison, a prison sentence, or even probation. State law requires that each jury member provide a written document stating the reasons for his or her sentencing decision. What are the reasons for your decision?

Finally, if you pull additional information from a source (internet, book, article, journal article) to develop your response, please be sure to cite it appropriately in APA format. Below is an example to follow for a journal article. This includes the authors’ names, year of publication, title of the article, the name of the journal in italics, the volume number of the journal in italics, and the issue number in parentheses, followed by the page number range:

Journal article example:

Sampson, R. J., & Laub, J. H. (2005). A life-course view of the development of crime. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 602(1), 12-45.

Web Document or Report example:

Kaste, M. (January, 2016). California cops frustrated with ?Catch-and-Release? crime fighting. Retrieved from: https://www.npr.org/2016/01/22/463210910/california-cops-frustrated-with-catch-and-release-crime-fightin (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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