A description of the health indicator Injury and Violence including a definition and demographic

My classmates and I were assigned group project. To choose an indicator from the healthy people 2020.

Our topic is Injury and Violence

For my portion i need you to write out 2 pages for a “description of the indicator” including the “definition” of the indicator and the “demographics- who is affected/impacted”

I dont need it written in APA, however, I do need to cite sources from only peer reviewed articles and .gov websites. (thats a must)

Keep in mind my portion of the work is for powerpoint presentation, so please make the information easy to break down into slide form

Below i will attach a picture of the assignment to give a better understanding of the project, but I only need the whats boxed in green ink completed.

Part 1: A & B

Side note: I uploaded a similar assignment not too long ago but due to a group member dropping the course i have been tasked with another portion of the work.

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