6 HW

After reading the text material in Chapters 11 & 12 and after reviewing my outline slides available in the Week 4 Module, in the discussion board for week six, respond to and discuss the following questions/issues:  

Read Lee & Johnson Chapters 11 & 12.


1.  What do we mean by legislative intent, how is it transmitted, and of what consequence is it for administrative agencies?

2.  Why do you think there has been an ever-increasing push for outsourcing, and what do you see as its long-term impact?

3.  Why is tax enforcement critical, and how is it changing because of technology advances?

4.  Should government agencies pay their bills quickly or wait as long as possible?  How does that influence the issue of cash flow?

5.  Discuss the importance of clear and appropriate procurement policies in government.

6.  What do we mean by internal and external risk management, and how do they relate to budgeting and financial management?

7.  Why is proper accounting important to budgeting and financial management?

8.  What do we mean by “fund accounting” in the public sector?

9.  The primary accounting methods government managers can use are cash accounting, encumbrance accounting, accrual accounting and cost accounting.  What are these, and why all these different ways of accounting?

10. What do think is the impact of technology and information systems on budgeting and financial management?


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