500-words response paper

Write thoughtful 500-word response papers on the attached readings

The papers should include the following:

? What is the author?s main argument?

? What are the key assumptions?

? Is the argument logically consistent?

Write most of your paper on the following points:

? How are the selected readings connected? Find common elements in all the readings.

? What important elements of comparative politics are discussed in the readings?

? How do the readings fit into the course as a whole? (This is critical part of the paper, make sure you write enough to show as many connections and also emphasize the differences between the articles.)


1. Don’t start with article title ,is not required . Start with Author’s name.

2. Mention the year after the author name For example: Laitin (2007)

3. If you use direct quote mention the page #

How the paper should be:

1. Paragraph 1 / Briefly introduce each article

2. paragraphs 2,3,4

3. paragraph 5/ Conclusion

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