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the first file is my annotated bilbli for the 2 image topic choice,and the second file is my image topic choice,and just follow the final paper requirements. And I need outline today

A single image of fashionable dress, as defined by the focus of this course, will serve as the basis for an exploration and analysis of both historical style and the image itself. The image both guides and focuses the paper: a successful paper consistently analyzes the period and each category through the original image. Each paper will address somewhat different topics, but for the most part will consider cultural context, maker/artist, creator/designer, subject/model, materiality, etc. This assignment builds upon the skills developed in Integrative Design Studio and Seminar. Components are due throughout the semester, and each is graded separately (late work and plagiarism policies in effect for each).

Papers are to be five pages; length assumes Times New Roman or similar font (12 point) or 250 words per page, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on all sides, and additional footnotes, illustrations, and bibliography, with formal academic structure and language. Spelling and grammar and the use of Parsons-mandated formatting (Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, 16th edition) are counted toward your final grade, as well as quality and number (minimum six) of sources.

Final Paper Topic Choice Proposal/February 24 (5%)

Submit a minimum of two images of fashionable dress that you find compelling and would like to work with throughout the semester. Choose a mediated image — one that conveys fashion as well as its cultural context, typically an illustration, photograph or artwork (avoid garments from museum archives, costume collections, textbook); remain within the course range of 1850-1990s. You are strongly encouraged to submit a family photograph as one of your choices. Your instructor will select the option most appropriate for the assignment, so be sure to list in order of preference. This assignment (and Final Presentation) must be posted on the Learning Portfolio – be sure to link your LP to your Profile Page so your instructor can access and grade your work.

For each image provide the following:

1. Basic background information such as date, context, maker/artist, creator/designer, subject/model — whatever is appropriate, given that you will research the totality of information conveyed by the image.

2. Explanation for your choice: Why do you find the image meaningful? Is it the aesthetic? Subject? Emotion? Memory? Narrative?

3. Discussion of its relationship to your design work and/or personal style.

Bibliography and Outline/March 30 (5%)

The quality of your paper depends on the quality of your sources. For this assignment, provide citations and a rationale (why is this information trustworthy?) for the six sources you will use for the final paper. Use only respected scholarly, academic and institutional sources, both online and in print. The use of non-academic sources, including Wikipedia or any general encyclopedia, will receive a half grade reduction. Papers without a bibliography and/or citations/footnotes will receive an F. Olivia Warschaw, Research Librarian, will conduct an in-class session on research practices for this assignment. The Library also offers one-on-one research consultation appointments – reserve a spot through the Services tab on the Library’s website.

For this assignment, be sure to include the following:

academic or university press texts

at least one journal article

at least one primary source – material that dates from the time period

at least three books

complete citations using Chicago/Turabian formatting

an assessment of the quality of each source

Draft Section for In-Class Peer Review; Image Analysis/April 20

Bring to class two hard copies of any section of your paper (three paragraph minimum) for a peer review session during Recitation. Pages are to be printed and grammar- and spell-checked. Follow the instructions of your Recitation instructor.

Final Paper/April 27 (10%)

Presentations (5%) May 11:

Presentations are held during the final Recitation session according to instructor guidelines; no make-up dates are offered. A component of your presentation must appear on the Learning Portfolio, according to instructor guidelines.

EXTRA CREDIT/Film Response:

Due date and film choices will be assigned by your Recitation instructor – work includes viewing a film and writing an essay of summary and analysis with attention to clothing, body, and comportment and consideration of such aspects as silhouette, textiles, body movement and accessories as they relate to fashionable dress and the medium itself.


All assignments must be

— Printed and stapled

— Accompanied by a cover sheet with the following information:

Assignment Title

Your Name

Course Title

Instructor’s Name


Paper length assumes Times New Roman or similar font (12 point) or 250 words per page, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on all sides, and additional footnotes, illustrations, and bibliography, with formal academic structure and language. Spelling and grammar as well as Parsons-mandated formatting (Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, 16th edition) will be counted toward your final grade.

Following assignment instructions, including correct formatting, will contribute substantially toward high grades. Assignment redos are not offered.

PLAGIARISM: Any work exhibiting plagiarism — either in whole or in sections — will result, without exception, in failure of the assignment and possibly the course. Plagiarism includes using an author’s exact words or his/her ideas without appropriate citations, as well as using substantially similar words and sentence/paragraph structure in published and electronic sources. Any student whose work suggests such copying will be required to submit notes and drafts of their work on the assignment. Students may not use papers previously or concurrently written for other courses. See below for further details regarding the Parsons’ statement on academic honesty and integrity.

Visit the Learning Center! And register early! The University Learning Center provides individual tutoring sessions in writing and ESL support. Sessions are interactive, with tutor and student participating equally. Schedule an appointment via Starfish/Student Success Network, or stop by for a walk-in session, available every hour from 10am to 7pm. The ULC is located on the 6thfloor of 66 West 12th Street. For more information, please visit the Center’s website. Students may be required to attend LC sessions at the instructor’s discretion; confirmations for mandatory sessions are processed via Starfish to the student’s instructor and advisor.

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