5 multiple choice

1.?Wobblies? was a popular name for the _________.

A. united mine workers

B. western federation of miners

C. socialist party

D. industrial workers of the world

2.How did machine politicians gain the votes of their constituencies in american cities at the turn of the century?

A.by offering a variety of services

B.by blackmailing community leaders

C. by promising tax cuts

D.by pushing for immigration quotas

3.Which statement best describes the reasons that drove Europeans to immigrate to the united states in the early twentieth century?

A. European immigrants were both pushed by circumstances at home and pulled by opportunities in the united states.

B. European migrants had good reason to flee the industrial exploitation they suffered and exchange it for the possibility of land ownership in America.

C. Europeans at the time envied American lifestyles and wanted the same for themselves.

D. For most European migrants in that time period, the decision to leave home was grave because it almost always meant that one could never return.

4.When progressive reformers spoke of the ?white slave traffic,? they were referring to __________.

A. high-end drug smuggling

B. prostitution

C .illegal immigrant labor

D. illegal child adoptions

5.The most popular destination in the united states for Caribbean immigrants in the early twentieth century was_____________.

A. New York City

B. Miami

C. New Orleans

D. Houston

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