(4)Healthcare Ethics Discussion

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John Stuart Mill was an English philosopher during the years of 1806 and 1873. Being the eldest son to a Scottish philosopher, John started his education very young. He was taught Greek at age 3. By fourteen, John Stuart Mill was educated in Latin, physics, algebra, English, astronomy, chemistry, zoology, philosophy, and logic. At the age of twenty, Mill had a mental breakdown. He questioned whether the creation of a just society, which he dedicated his work to, would ever make him happy. After answering “no” to his question, he became suicidal. He found comfort in William Woodsworth’s poetry and gained a new found joy for others. This led Mill’s to continue his work to form a just society, but on a different level than before.

John Stuart Mill is most popular in the healthcare industry for his ethical philosophies of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the belief that actions are right if they benefit or are useful to a majority of people. Mill categorized it into two types of utility, act from utility and rule by utility. According to Morrison in Ethics in Health Administration, act from utility means, “decisions made based on its own merit” (page 11). Decisions are made by the consequences thought out before. Rule by utility according to Morrison are rules of action that are determined by consequences. These rules are then used for decisions that produce the greater amount of good than harm. The rule of utility benefits the majority. Rule of utility is more used in healthcare than the first type of utility. For example in new medicine case studies, if there are higher numbers for benefits for a new medication, then that medication will be released to the public.

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