400 word answer

This week you have three options. Choose one only. If you have an interest in writing about the other issues as well, why not take that over to the regular discussion forum?

Option #1

“The Sexual Revolution”

It’s clearly going to be impossible to appreciate what Mary Eberstadt is up to in Adam and Eve After the Pill, without appreciating how she understands the whole idea of “the Sexual Revolution”. More than the World Wars, more than nuclear power, more than decolonization ? more than anything else ? it’s supposed to be the most important event of our age. What is it about the Sexual Revolution that would merit that evaluation?

Option #2


Peter Wenz is clearly troubled that “living wills” might not accurately reflect what a patient in extremismight want. However, he also reports suspicions about the relevance and appropriateness of accessing a patient’s wishes through remembered conversations from better times. Why the rumpus about “What Terri would have wanted”?

Option #3


In warning against the ‘vice of abstraction’ Blackburn suggests that the large existential problem of “the meaning of life” perhaps ought to be resolved by specifying “meaning to whom?” Is that a satisfactory response to the existential problem people pose? If so, why? If not, why not?

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