4.3 – Assignment: Review Questions

Begin your post with the question you are answering and then make your response.

1 – What is meant by transaction exposure? Discuss some of the risks associated with managing transaction exposure. (200-300) words

Chapter 7:

1. Exporters typically prefer conservative measures when managing foreign receivables. Because of this, there is a tendency to lean on the side of caution. Describe at least three reasons for this conservativism.

2. In 2013, TradeCard was acquired by GT Nexus, a privately owned cloud supply chain platform. Research GT Nexus and discuss the services that GT Nexus provides to international supply chain communities. Why does it tout that it is the ?future of global trade??

Chapter 8:

1. It is important that companies properly manage its transaction exposure when doing business internationally. What are ways that a company can protect itself from fluctuating exchange rates? Provide an example of each.

2. There are several institutions discussed in this chapter that are involved in international banking. However, only a few of these have a function that is linked to international payments. Provide a brief description of at least three of these institutions.

Please reference book: include questions and APA citation

International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations

Pierre A. David

ISBN-13: 978-0989490603

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