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Discussion Questions: This week we learned about the importance of a strong research question. Please cite your research question followed by some background information on your topic. Provide at least one reference that was used to develop your research question. 


In your two responses, please provide a critique of your classmates’ question. Your critique should be substantive in nature and designed to improve your classmates’ question.  

1. Research Question:

Should the right to the second amendment remain non-infringed in every state in the United States?


Not only was this a difficult question to choose, but it is also a complicated one. According to the department of justice, an increase in punishment does little to deter a criminal from commiting crime. What does deter them, is the certainty of being caught. In this concept, the more likely the potential criminal will be caught and or injured/die during the process, the less likely they are to commit the crime in the first place(Department of Justice, 2016) . Not only does the amendment protect our nations citizens against each other, but also to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. A good example would be the Nazi’s(Willit, 2022) . The first thing Hitler did once he took control was remove the countries entire weapon supply from the people. One the other hand, a regulation giving people the ability to end a person(s) life could prove to be devastating if not well regulated with protections such as thorough background checks.

Department of Justice. (2016). Five things about deterrence. National Institute of Justice.

Willit, A. (2022, August 17). The benefits of 2nd Amendment Rights on American society. True North. https://truenorthideas.org/the-benefits-of-2nd-amendment-rights-on-american-society/

2. My research question is can putting more security in schools like airports limit school shootings?

The background information on my research question was created with the notion that shootings at airports rarely happen to my understanding. I see it as airports have a massive amount of security, but schools do not. If schools were as secure as an airport, they could have the potential to keep schools safe in this country. In my search for information, I used the school Trefry Library System and searched for ‘airport shootings’, ‘school shootings’, and ‘airport security’. Then used Google to search for the same information. I did not find as recent airport shootings as I did school shootings. I also believe regardless of how many laws are passed about guns, even when people that own and respect guns and use them properly there will still be guns that end up in the wrong hands.

The reference that was used to develop my research question is the Transportation Security Administration website. It has listed all the security measures that airports have across the United States. This was a great source since it comes straight from a government source and is up to date.

Security screening. Security Screening | Transportation Security Administration. (n.d.). https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening

Further information that was found is that not all public schools across the country are safe for the students that attend the schools. This was not surprising since school shootings are still happening.

Schaeffer, K. (2022, July 27). U.S. school security procedures have become more widespread in recent years but are still unevenly adopted. Pew Research Center. https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2022/07/27/u-s-school-security-procedures-have-become-more-widespread-in-recent-years-but-are-still-unevenly-adopted/

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