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3-Use following data for a project. Periods are year long in length.

There are no other items such as depreciation. What is the NPV of this project at 10% discount rate?

4-consider two bonds (A and B) with different coupons and price, but otherwise Identical. Par value 1000$.Maturity 25 years. Coupons are yearly. The previous coupon was paid just a second ago. There are 25 more coopons left. Coupon A= $20. Coupons B=$30. The price difference is $ 140.9395 ( one Bond cost $140.9395 more than the other bond)

How much is the fair price of Bond A ?

5-Megasoft is evaluating two mutually exclusive projects, Trident and Phoenix. The available information is at summary level.

IRR for Trident=20%. IRR for Phoenix=15%. Both Trident and Phoenix have the same NPV at 12% discount rate. NPV of Trident is 100 million $ and that of Phoenix is $200 million if discount rate is hypothetically zero.

Megasoft has determined that appropriate discount rate for both projects is 10%.

Which project should be chosen?

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