3 evaluation of the 3 children’s books and essay

hello dear,

here is the instructor I need you to follow:

Attached to this message please find the template you will use to complete your evaluation of the 3 children’s books you choose for your study.  You will complete ONE evaluation for EACH of the 3 books, so please make copies.  In addtion to these 3 evaluation sheets, you will ALSO write one reflection essay about your study.  Since storytelling is a cornerstone of our work this semester, I would like your essay to specifically address an analysis of the stories we are telling our children about their world, about themselves and others, through your chosen books.  The key question you will reflect on: How do the stories we share with young children shape what they come to know about the world and about themselves?  When making your choices, please look for books that reflect our diverse world, such as books about: different types of families; young African American girls and “black hair”; the experience of families moving to America from another country; the experience of children with disabilities or different abilities; the challenge of not fitting in; children’s experiences with poverty; or other stories with themes of gender, race, or socio-economic status.

Literature Study Form for Student Use (1).doc

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