200 words summary-02

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SHORT ANSWER (2 x 5 points, 10 total)

Responses should be around 4-5 sentences apiece (75-100 words, a short paragraph each). Pick any two of the following four choices:

SA 1. Identify four distinct kinds of archaeological sites and provide an example of each (site name or other identifier). Briefly, how do such sites differ in terms of the methods used to study them?

SA 2. Provide a definition of archaeology and briefly discuss the various types of materials encountered. Be sure to identify at least one survey method and one excavation technique.

SA 3. Identify one prominent archaeologist from your text and explain their contribution to the field. What area of the world and what time period did they concentrate on?

SA 4. Discuss ethnoarchaeology and specify its position within archaeology. According to your text and the class web sites, what is its contribution to archaeology?

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