2 pages writing read instructions carefully

my major is finance

Guidelines for the Short Final Paper

: Content: The content of the paper will center on the three acts of the mind. Subject Matter: Considering your major, or a contemplated major, relate the three acts of the mind to either 1) the process of learning your major, or, 2) how you will use the principles you have learned in your major in performing the duties of your job on a daily basis . Evaluation: This instructor expects that the writing done in this course will meet certain standards. Students will incorporate Standard English usage, punctuation, grammar, and the like. Do not use slang terms or the “Urban Dictionary.” No text or IM abbreviations are to be used whatsoever. I will look for The Three Acts of the Mind ? Simple Apprehension, Judgment, and Reasoning to be used, and used correctly. If they are not, appropriate deductions will be made. The applicable sections of the Writing Intensive Course grading rubric will be used for the final paper. This rubric follows. Length: The paper must have at least 2 pages minimum, and not more than 3 pages maximum of body text. Word-process the paper in Times New Roman Font, which will produce 21 ? 22 lines of body text per page. This means that there must be from 40 to 44 lines minimum to 60 to 66 lines maximum of body text in the paper. Format: This paper must be double-spaced throughout. If there are blank lines, they will not count toward meeting the length requirement. I will count lines if the paper appears to be short! You can use APA or MLA to document your sources. Sources should include Kreeft?s 9 Socratic Logic, and at least one other outside source. Students may quote and cite Professor Porter?s handouts for a second source

(Kreeft?s Socratic Logic and one more source )

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