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Emma can rebound from these issues and not be impacted, by going through counseling. If parents are also willing to go through counseling have them all attend family therapy. If people in Emma’s community are willing to invest in her welfare and help with emotional and financial support this could steer her away from crime. There are also resources like rehabilitation and job training programs that could be offered to help Emma with finances and keeping her away from peers that may have negative influences on her. Emma could be encouraged by teachers in school and encourage herself to participate in extracurricular activities. Even having another family member like a grandmother or aunt that would be willing to put Emma in a loving, caring environment and support the well being of her, making sure that she stays out of the life of crime. Knowing that her parents have exposed her to a life of crime since early ages she can also be at risk for following in the same path. However, if these actions are taken place and helping Emma, this could keep her from living in her parent’s footsteps.


In my opinion Emma is destined to a life of crime. There are too many risk factors in her situation. Emma’s parents neglected her,abused drugs and alcohol, committed other crimes and displayed many other negative behaviors. A child’s behavior is learned. Emma has had more negative transitions in her life than positive. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, she may not be any better than her parents.

Here was the Discussion Board Topic: Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Emma?s father and mother both have had histories of run-ins with the criminal justice system. Both have significant histories of alcohol and drug abuse. Emma?s father has spent a majority of her childhood in prison, mainly for a variety of different property and drug related crimes. And, she has spent part of her childhood in and out of foster homes due to neglect issues.

Many of the readings for this Unit discuss the impact of parents on their children?s behavior. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree. However, we also know that good kids can come from bad families. For this discussion topic, you are to pick a side. Choose one of the following stances:
Stance 1: Emma?s family will have an impact on her family and she is destined to a life of crime. Be sure to identify those factors that will contribute to her continued delinquency.
Stance 2: Emma can rebound from these issues and not be impacted. Be sure to identify those protective factors that will help Emma rebound.
Note: Read through everyone’s posts. Respond to two classmates from two different groups. In order to see what other students have written, you will need to post your response (main post) first

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