2-3 page sexual identity paper

Annotated Bibliography & Topic Proposal Paper

Purpose of this Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to continue engaging with the growing body of
research regarding the intersections among sexual identity and communication from an
intersectional lens. It will serve as the foundational beginning to your culminating
project. This assignment is worth up to 50 points.

Synopsis of this Assignment:

For this assignment you will research a topic regarding sexual identity and
communication that you are interested in. You will read and annotate five peer-
reviewed articles and write an accompanying short paper about the themes you saw in
the research and what you think needs to be built upon or is missing from what you
saw. Although you will only turn in your annotations for five articles, it is likely that
you will have to read through many more abstracts and full article to find what you
need for your research. All articles must be from Communication Studies or Gender
Studies journals! This assignment is worth up to 50 points.


  1. The paper is typed in MLA format. It will be typed, double-spaced, Times New
    Roman, 12 font, and 1 inch margins all around.

  2. The short paper will be 2 ? 3 pages and include:
    a. A summary of your topic
    b. The rationale for studying this topic
    c. Two to three themes you saw in the research (citing the articles to
    evidence this)
    d. What you saw lacking in the research
    e. Why you want to research this topic
    f. A conclusion that ties all of this together

  3. An annotated bibliography that includes:
    a. Five peer-reviewed sources
    b. Each peer-reviewed article will be annotated separately

    1. The annotations will include an abstract of the article in your own
      words (70 ? 100 words).

    2. What the limitations are on the article

    3. What you found particularly important in the article

    4. Each annotation should be no longer than one page TOTAL.

  4. All articles must be from Communication Studies, Gender Studies, or Sexuality
    Studies Journals! No Psychology journals please.

This paper will be broken into the following parts for evaluation:

MLA Formatting (Are your citations correct? Does the paper follow MLA format?) 10
Organization (Does the paper flow well? Do your annotations flow well?) 10
Content (Are articles included in your paper? Did you follow the requirements? etc) 30
Total 50

Criteria for Evaluation:

A: An A paper will have all of the above components incorporated into the speech and
will carry out these requirements exceptionally well.

A: A B paper will have all required components. Some components may be executed
better than others, but overall the requirements are met at a high level of quality.

C: A C paper will have all the basic components, no more and no less.
D: A D paper includes some components but loses others.

F: This grade is only earned if you do not turn in the paper at all or the paper is

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