2-1 Discussion: Henry V, Honor and Duty

I am needing someone to complete a 2 – 3 paragraph discussion post over the following:

Duty and honor emerge as two of the most important themes in Shakespeare?s Henry V. How are these concepts represented in the play? Which characters demonstrate these traits, and which ones do not? Specifically, how does Henry come to understand the importance of duty? (All questions must be addressed.)

You can read the play or find examples to cite here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/2253?msg=welcome_s…

I will also need responses written for the attached posts that address the following:

When responding to your classmates, explain the similarities and differences between your analysis and theirs as you define duty and honor and identify similar traits in different characters or different traits in the main characters (e.g., King Henry). How is your interpretation different from that of your classmates? Does this change the overall meaning or interpretation of duty and honor in the play?

The peer replies only need to be a paragraph long. Please remember to cite all sources in MLA format.

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