1)Leadership experience countsâ??especially coping experienceLeaders today particularly need the ski

1)Leadership experience counts—especially coping experienceLeaders today particularly need the skills and knowledge to deal with ambiguity and change. Many companies are finding that it pays to hire former armed forces officers. Their experiences leading troops in conflict situations have made them particularly appropriate for leadership roles in high stress, rapidly changing industries.Suggested Questions:1. What attributes do veteran officers have that other potential leaders may not have?2. What types of organizations could benefit most by hiring veteran officers?3. What kinds of experiences have you had that may help you cope with ambiguity and change?Check it out! 38 key attributes of leadership. http://www.leadershape.bizWhy Hire Military? http://www.corporateleads.com/emp-whymil.htmSECOND QUESTION ON2)Read and study the case on Quality at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company on p. 232 of the textbook. You can also watch a video on Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.Answer the following discussion questions:What elements of total quality management (TQM) are being used in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel? Present and explain at least four of these elements (see lecture materials on p. 10-13, and textbook’s Chapter 6). How could control charts, Pareto diagrams, and cause-and-effect diagrams be used to identify quality problems in this hotel? Provide examples.

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