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Being hired as the new administrator for the volunteer program in our local nonprofit organization, coming up with policies would be very important. This is because the rules help to show that the program had been organized and that the organization is committed to the volunteer program (NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit, 2015). Also, the policies spell out the goals and values of an organization that guides volunteers during the program. Also, rules help to state why volunteers are involved in thus creating awareness for the staff making staff respond when called upon to support volunteers.

Also, policies spell out what activities volunteers will be engaged in and informs the volunteers of the treatment they will receive in the organization. This is because the policy covers how volunteers will be trained and the support they will receive (O’Connor, Netting, & Fauri, 2008). Also, the safety of volunteers is put in place by policies by making them understand their position in the organization. In case of any concern, the policy guides on what the volunteer should do. Furthermore, policies offer a basis for reference by volunteers that help to be consistent in the way volunteers are involved.

To overcome the resistance from the staff and director, I would follow some procedures when initiating a volunteer program. To begin with, I would discuss with the organization seniors about the program to secure the resources needed. According to Connors (2011), directors are worried about incurring unplanned costs because of the volunteer program. Also, I would involve stakeholders in the process of volunteer program planning to address concerns, therefore, minimizing resistance. I would also make it clear to all the staff that the role of volunteers is to provide support and not replace existing workers. By doing this, the issue of job insecurity will be addressed that help in lowering resistance from the paid staff.


Who do you think the key stakeholders are? How would you get their feedback?

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