100 words minimum, 2 discussions.

Discussion – Dominant

Define the term “dominant culture”,
and in your own words give an example of an aspect of dominant culture in
current American society. How does this feature of dominant culture function
within our society? How did it function during the postwar era in the United
States? What are some of the values or mores present within this aspect of
dominant culture?

Discussion 2 – Popular

Explain how popular culture has “no
fixed forms”. What does this mean? Given the problematic nature of
studying popular culture, because it is largely based on the tastes or
favoritisms of social groups, we will discuss the ever-changing nature of
popular culture. Give examples, in your own words, of how popular culture
underwent major shifts during the postwar era, using chapters 1 and 5 from your
textbook, and the selected library readings as a guide.

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