1 Why is the family considered the child’s first and primary teacher ? Describe the families’ respon

1 Why is the family considered the child’s first and
primary teacher? Describe the families’ responsibilities during their child’s
early years Discuss the influences of positive family-child interactions on
developmental and educational outcomes

2 Children are enrolled in many different types of school
environments: private and public, preschool and childcare Identify the
educational responsibilities delegated to schools What would be some practical
suggestions you could give to a new teacher on how to integrate the family in
the learning environment during the school day?

3 Identify the roles that families and teachers share in
supporting children’s education What strategies have you or others implemented
to include families in one of the following areas: curriculum planning, program
development, assessment of learning or transition planning? Why would a teacher
want to have families’ input in the early childhood program?

200-250 words for

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