1. Which of the qualities required for a good document is violated in the following passage? You… 1 answer below »

1. Which of the qualities required for a good document is violated in the following passage?

You now have a good idea of the overall design and structure of documents, both short and multipage.

Unfortunately, good looks, proper structure, and creative design aren’t enough to garantee an

effective document.

A.Clarity C. Conciseness

B.Spelling D. Incorrect hyphenation

2. In which editor’s reference text would you find the following entry?

proofread, v.t., v.i.— proofread, proofreading. To read, as printers’ proofs, in order to detect and mark

errors to be corrected.—proof-read-er, n.

A.Thesaurus C.Style manual

B.Dictionary D.Style sheet

3. The importance of thoroughly editing and proofreading a document can be stated as which of the


A.The goal of a high-quality, well-written document is virtually impossible to achieve without

performing these two functions in a professional manner.

B.Proofreading mechanicals by someone other than the electronic publisher isn’t necessary unless

multipage documents are involved.

C.The time to begin the editing process is when a document’s final proofs are printed for inspection.

D.The goal of a high-quality, error-free document can never be achieved unless separate people

perform these two functions.

4. How can you find out which commands the function keys will send to your computer?

A.The commands appear right on the keys.

B.The user’s manual for the software program will tell you.

C.Functions are similar for all programs.

D.Function keys appear only on typewriter keyboards.

5. The illustration below is an example of a(n)

A.editorial style sheet. C.specification sheet.

B.style manual. D.layout style sheet.

6. The key on a computer keyboard that lets users depart from an unwanted situation is the ______ key.

A.Alt C. Esc

B.Ctrl D. End

7. The editor/proofreaders’ mark =/ means

A.insert a dash. C.move left.

B.insert a hyphen. D.align vertically.

66 Examination

8. Find the error in the following lines of text.

A computer keyboard is an input device similar to a typewriter keyboard. An input device allow you to

get data into your computer for processing.

A.In the first sentence, the verb is should be replaced with the plural are.

B.In the second sentence, the verb allow should be singular like the noun device.

C.In the first sentence, the noun typewriter should be hyphenated to read type-writer.

D.In the second sentence, the noun computer should be replaced with the plural computers.

9. Except in short-term marketing material, using which of the following is a sure way to assure your

document will soon appear outdated?

A.Unnecessary words C.Trendy words

B.Adjectives and adverbs D.Inclusive language

10. Generally speaking, the ______ should focus mainly on clarity and the ______ should focus mainly

on accuracy.

A.editor/desktop publisher C.editor/proofreader

B.proofreader/editor D.desktop publisher/proofreader

11. When an editor is obliged by his or her place of employment to apply certain preset conventions to

the text and layout of a document, the editor is said to be working according to a(n)

A.editorial style sheet. C.electronic style sheet.

B.specification sheet. D.house style sheet.

12. What’s the main difference between mechanical and substantive editing?

A.Mechanical editing involves closely checking a document for style matters, while substantive

editing involves rewriting or reorganizing the text.

B.Mechanical editing involves rewriting or reorganizing the text, while substantive editing involves

closely checking a document for style matters.

C.Mechanical editing is done by proofreaders, while substantive editing is done by editors.

D.Mechanical editing involves two or more people reading a document at one time, while substantive

editing involves only one person.

13. The purpose of an editorial style sheet is to help the editor

A.watch for misspelled words.

B.monitor word usage.

C.document the errors made by the author.

D.watch for and correct improper grammar.

14. Which proofreaders’ mark and marginal symbol would you use to indicate the needed correction in

the following lines of text?

Using an editorial style sheet during the reading of a manuscript permits editor’s to monitor the usage

of special words and word forms.

15. How is an electronic spell checker likely to read and deal with the following sentence?

The four horseman of the Apocalypse are mysthical characters.

A.The program will pause at mysthical and automatically replace it with mythical.

B.The program will pause at horseman and automatically replace it with horsemen.

C.The program will pause at horseman and suggest the spelling horsemen.

D.The program will pause at mysthical and suggest the spelling mythical.

16. The reason for insisting on proper grammar in nonfiction documents is to

A.impress readers with the author’s education.

B.promote the use of appropriate grammar in written documents.

C.present a professional image to readers and critics.

D.facilitate clear communication of the document’s message.

17. To learn the proper way to set up a table of contents, editors can use a

A.style manual. C.thesaurus.

B.dictionary. D.grammar checker.

18. Editing and proofreading are sometimes called “hidden skills” because

A.when they’re done well, readers are almost completely unaware of them.

B.the names of the editors and proofreaders aren’t listed on the title page.

C.authors generally don’t appreciate the contribution of editors and proofreaders to their document.

D.when they’re done well, authors are completely unaware that their documents have been revised.

19. When a proofreader writes stet in the margin of a document, the person responsible for inputting

corrections should

A.insert a question mark at the end of that text line.

B.let the text with dots under it stand as is.

C.set the text with dots under it in italics.

D.wait for the rewritten version from the author.

20. Which of the qualities required by a good document is violated in the following passage?

Every member of the family has chores to do each day. Fred and Tom feed the horses and cows.

Chopping wood is his second responsibility.

A.Clarity C. Conciseness

B.Consistency D.Spelling

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