1. Which of the following would potentially increase someone’s power through non-substitutability?Se

1. Which of the following would potentially increase someone’s power through non-substitutability?Select one: a. Avoiding documenting unique knowledge about organizational processes. b. Increasing the number of people affected by your work. c. Increasing the amount of autonomy granted to you to accomplish your work. d. Using impression management strategies to increase your popularity with colleagues. e. All of these.2. The CEO of a large organization once commented how, earlier in his career, he rented expensive artwork and displayed it in his office. ‘Top management would drop by my office and immediately get a sense that I was sophisticated and professional’, the CEO explained. ‘I believe the artwork helped me to get promoted.’ The artwork helped this executive gain power:Select one: a. because he and his artwork were not substitutable. b. by increasing his coercive power in the organization. c. by making everyone else’s sources of power less relevant to the organization. d. through visibility. e. by decreasing his centrality in the organization.3. Which of the following is a key element in emotional contagion?Select one: a. Silence b. Mimicry c. Email d. Jargon e. Flaming4. Which of these statements about nonverbal communication is FALSE?Select one: a. Nonverbal communication has more formal rules than does verbal communication. b. Nonverbal communication is more automatic and unconscious than is verbal communication. c. Nonverbal communication is an important part of emotional labor. d. Most information in face-to-face meetings is communicated nonverbally. e. Nonverbal communication tends to be more ambiguous and susceptible to misinterpretation than is verbal communication.5. For everyday disputes between two employees, managers should use ______ as a third-party intervention:Select one: a. inquisition b. mediation c. arbitration d. retaliation e. negotiation6. Calculus, knowledge and identification are:Select one: a. the three stages of team development. b. three ways to improve team cohesiveness. c. three foundations of trust d. three types of psychological contract. e. the three stages of conflict among team members.7. By going on strike at a critical time in the company’s business cycle, unions are mainly applying which contingency of power?Select one: a. Visibility b. Non-substitutability c. Centrality d. Discretion e. None of these8. A large Internet service provider had a major disruption in its email services in which its customers’ messages were delayed and some were lost forever. In its message to customers, the company announced that the event was ‘a partial email delay’ and that the ‘issue’ would result in improved future service to customers. This message is an example of:Select one: a. information overload. b. using ambiguous language to minimize conveying negative emotions. c. misperceptions by the company’s executives about the causes of the email service problem. d. cross-cultural differences in communication. e. effective persuasive communication.9. Which of the following team environment factors is more important to virtual teams than to most conventional teams?Select one: a. Reward system b. Communication system c. Organizational structure d. Organizational environment e. None of these team environment factors is more important to virtual teams than to conventional teams.

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