1. Executive summary (100 words) 2. The company and its industry and macro-environment (300 words)..

1.    Executive summary (100 words) 2.    The company and its industry and macro-environment  (300 words) 2.1     Briefly introduce the company and its competitive standing (100 words) 2.2. Conduct a really brief PESTEL analysis and make a conclusion (use only those macro-environmental forces that are relevant) (100 words) 2.3    Conduct 5 forces  analysis; make a conclusion about industry attractiveness.(100 words) 3    Describe the decision and identify its exact nature, i.e. at what type of Corp. strategy it  implements (400 words) 3.1  What is corporate strategy (50 words) 3.2. What type of corporate strategies are possible (50 words) 3.3. What type of corporate strategy was the decision supposed to implement (e.g. VI, HI, related, unrelated diversification, internationalisation, outsourcing) and justification (150 words) 3.4  What was the decision supposed to achieve – growth, diversification, integration, industry consolidation, overseas expansion, pre-emption, first mover advantage, restructuring, etc.  Here a brief SWOT and Portfolio analysis can be helpful.(150 words) 3.    What is meant by the terms Stakeholders and Stakeholder Theory? Was the decision intended to favour all, or only some stakeholders and why? (150 words) 4. Outcomes of the decision. Consider the measures of company performance evaluation (400 words)      4.1  Financial measures       4.2  Balance score card       4.3  Triple bottom line      Evaluate the outcomes of the decision against these 3 measures. Minimum 2 of the 3 should be used. 5. Conclusion & recommendations (200 words)

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