1 1/2 page paper on a piano recital, art & design homework help

I have to submit a 1 1/2 to 2 page paper on a piano recital and how they interacted with the piano/music using musical terms. I have specifics on the sheet I can give. Honestly, you can just make it up if you know musical terms and I can add in a local pianist that I know.

No 1st person speech please, and please only take this if you can produce good quality.

I prefer it in MLA formatting, but I can change that myself if need be.

Paper guidelines:

You will need to write about the movement of the pianists hands and body. Write about the posture and physical technique of the pianist and try to relate it to the resulting sound.

Start with the Who, what, and where/when information. You dont need to list each piece played in the first paragraph. Pick a few pieces (can just be random) and describe in greater detail in the subsequent paragraphs. Avoid comparing the sounds to nature, like waterfalls etc. Instead use musical terms, scales, arpeggios, key, rhythm, harmonic movement, articulations, dynamics, cadences etc. Focus the discussion on the pianists movements and how they achieve the musical style.

If you need inspiration, you can pick any pianist from youtube. Just link the video in the paper.

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